If you are feeling alone, anxious or just down, or know someone who is?
Before you go....
 Check Out How We Are Changing The Way The World Treats Mental Health 

 We Have All Faced Mental Health & Emotional Challenges At Times 

How might these times change us and our world for the better?
Helping People To Feel Confident About Speaking Up & Out! 

This training is designed for people who have no prior knowledge of mental health & want to learn the basics or for people who are more experienced and want to develop new strategies and techniques alongside likeminded experts

Mental illness is one of the biggest causes of disability globally with around 20% of adults suffering 
in a given moment

Gain The Confidence To Manage Mental Health In Your Home Or Workplace. 
Learn How To Make Mental Health Part Of Your Everyday Conversations

  800,000 People Every Year Commit Suicide  

You Or Someone You Know Could Be effected? 

Most people believe mental health is mental illness & avoid dealing with the issue until a crisis situation

We aim to make mental health part of everyday conversations!

Intervening Early Literally SAVES Lives

Preventative Mental Health literally creates happier, healthier people at home & in the workplace

Why wait for something to go seriously wrong 
before you fix it?
  We Are here for you. Be there for them
You Or Someone You Know Could Be effected By This Issue

Don't get stuck in a rut thinking about what to say, or feeling awkward...... 

 We all fear opening a tin of worms or saying the wrong things..........because mental health can be such a sensitive issue for some people.......many people avoid talking about it

But it is time to switch the narrative, to make mental health more of a preventative conversation embedded in our daily routines and conversations

Marteka Swaby

Marteka is an expert in Mental Health passionate about improving mental fitness and emotional wellbeing, with over 15 years experience supporting individuals, teams and organisations. 

 Building Flourishing Communities & Workplaces
Join The Power Of Our Community
You will have access to experts on a range of specialist topics, not usually covered in mental health first aid or similar training 

Mental Health is a complex topic. No one size fits all. This training is designed to supplement existing knowledge and give practical tools, tips & exercises to increase your confidence

This is a community designed to increase your confidence, alongside like minded people. 
increase Your knowledge and understanding
Alongside Expert mentors 
You Will Have Access To
Monthly Coaching
This laser coaching group is monthly session designed to explore  specific mental health topics, effecting you. To enable you to implement & embed the learning within the cultural context of your organisation or community

Accredited Training
Online Mental Health Awareness Training
This is a 6 module training with videos, worksheets and case study examples with real life scenarios.This training is designed for people who have no prior knowledge of mental health and will learn the basics & advanced techniques
Plus Bonus Content
Obsessive Compulsive Disorders Part 1 & 2
This Deep Dive explores the roots of obsessions and the repetition compulsion theory to understand obsessive behaviour patterns.

This training is designed for people who have completed MHFA training or have a basic mental health awareness. 
EVERYTHING You'll Get When You Purchase 
EVERYTHING You'll Get When You Join 
  • ​Monthly Coaching Group To Embed Learning (Value £997) 
  • Accredited Training Mental Health Awareness Online (Value £ 497)
  • Closed Private Facebook Group For Members (Value £297)
  • ​2x Deep Dive Videos on Obsessive Compulsive Disorder 1 & 2 (Value £197)
  • ​​​Downloadable Worksheets, Podcasts & Teachings (Value £150)
  • ​Lifetime Access To Training Vault & Updates (Value £200)
limited Time OFFER 
For £36 p/M 
Or Yearly Membership £360
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For individuals who wants to make a difference in their Home, Workplace Or Community
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